About the game

Shelter of Exiles is the first cRPG/Hack & Slash game in web3 realm, that enables players to recapture the thrill of classic adventures.

We’re bringing proven gameplay solutions from classic games to web3 with a free-2-play model, offering extensive multiplayer experiences, fuelled by token trading. Additionally, players have the unique opportunity to truly own their earned trophies.

Game Features

Collect items and create your dream avatar

Shelter of Exiles has an itemized economy that allows you to create any hero configuration. Collect, upgrade and use items in combat or trade them to grow your account and equip your hero. The better your equipment, the greater the challenges and rewards await you in the world of exiles!

Seasons and e-sport competition

Endgame in Shelter of Exiles is endless, keeping players entertained with new activities and seasons. Each willing player will be able to compete in seasonal tournaments against other players or race in seasonal dungeons with his team. Unique and unrepeatable prizes with collectible value or powerful in-game power await the best.

Your own piece of the world

Each player will have a hideout at their disposal, which they will develop during the game. Players can also access the Lands and form large guilds together to battle for server supremacy. Go on a journey and explore new locations to advance your game progress and find valuable resources.

Blockchain with a Free-to-Play Model

We are breaking the trend of web3 games that require investments and risks from players. Shelter of Exiles is a free-to-play game where every game element is accessible without fees or can be purchased from other players using resources earned in the game. Don't worry about costs and focus on enjoying the entertainment!

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Have Fun & Earn

Find Resources

Explore world for valuable resources or mine them from Land you’ve rented.

Win Prizes

Win unique NFT’s and achieve prestige ranks in seasonal contests and tournaments.

Trade Items

Visit the marketplace, to exchange items and earn SoE Tokens.

Spend Tokens

Invest your SoE Token in character development, use it for personal fun or cash it.

Gameplay Overview

Token Utility

Land Pass

Rest Bonus Refill

Governance Voting

Marketplace Payments

Staking Tokens

Hideout Upgrades

Guild Upgrades

Enchanted Dungeons Entry

Tournament Entry

Premium Resources


Przemysław Garczarek


Darek Kowalski


Dominik Fidziukiewicz


Krzysztof Jaśkowiec

Community Manager

Krzysztof Sapeta

Grand Prince

In addition to its leaders, the Shelter of Exiles team is comprised of a dedicated and enthusiastic group of 11 individuals, including artists, developers, designers, and engineers, all fully committed to making the project a reality.


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