Land Ownership

Land Ownership

Lands have a double nature in our game – they appear as a premium pass in the game, providing the players renting it with additional benefits and unique crafting resources. On the other hand, during the production of the game, it is possible to purchase a Land token, which provides a number of special rewards for project funders and provides a cryptocurrency kickback from profits related to renting lands by players in the game.

You don’t need to buy or rent land to play a free-to-play game. They serve to provide additional benefits for players and reward investors for trusting our project.

Investing in Land is available only during the crowdfunding game phase. Afterwards, the only way to buy lands will be from second hand via Blockchain marketplaces. Buy your land now!

Lands dual nature

Land as Premium Pass

While playing Shelter of Exiles, you can rent one of the Lands – rich areas waiting to be colonized. By renting a Land, you can benefit from the buildings on it, which will allow you to play more dynamically and develop your character. 

In addition, on the Land, as a player, you can exploit it from unique resources that can only be obtained in this way, or when purchased from other players. Resources obtained in Lands are used for some crafting elements and upgrading tokens, but as a free-to-play player, you can fully enjoy the game without them.

Land as Investment Token

During the development of Shelter of Exiles, we create a series of lands in the form of NFT tokens. Owning a land provides its owner with an investment in the game. All profits from land rentals by players are pooled and distributed proportionally to land token owners, enabling game supporters and investors to get a return on their investment in tokens. 

What’s more, owning a land token grants you eternal access to the Premium Pass in the form of permanent in-game land access. Kickback of Land profits and permanent access to Land are permanently tied to the Land token, which can be dynamically transferred between Blockchain wallets, allowing for external trading. 

What’s even more, we’re offering additional in-game support packs for original Land merchants to reward you for your commitment and trust in our production.

Land ownership benefits

Get a Kickback

After the game launch, get a Kickback that gives you profits in the form of a secure BUSD cryptocurrency, easily convertible to dollars. Profits are proportional to the number of players renting Lands in the game, which are distributed among investment land tokens.

Eternal Access to land

Eternal access to the Land - With a Land token, if you are also a player, you have free permanent access to all the benefits of renting a Land.

Automatic System

Automatic system - If you have a Landu token, the income will simply appear in your wallet, without the need for additional post-investment activity. However, we strongly encourage you to follow the game and be part of our community!

Supporter packages

Supporter packages - Land Token is one of the forms of supporting the production of our game, which is why we have prepared a set of additional benefits for the original buyers, which can be redeemed personally or given to another person.

Lands Tokenomics





Purchase your land today!

Share sales (NFT) are available at The price of tokens increases with each new wave of issuance. Purchased tokens, after the release of the game, will proportionally (according to tier level) distribute the income coming from the SoE economy among so-called Land owners. 

Settlement of Land incomes will be automated, which means that the owner of such a token – gets regular funds to the wallet. There are special rewards for early supporters of the project.

For more information about Land, see our FAQ

Support Packs

Tier I – Patreon

Best for Players!

  • In-Game Marketplace kickback
  • Bronze Pool Earning
  • Lifetime Access to the Land
  • Early Access to the Game
  • VIP Discord Chat
  • Patreon In-Game Gifts
Tier II – Founder

Most Popular!

  • High In-Game Marketplace kickback
  • Bronze Pool Earning
  • Silver Pool Earnings
  • Lifetime Access to the Land
  • Early Access to the Game
  • VIP Discord Chat
  • Patreon In-Game Gifts
  • Founder In-Game Gifts
  • Exclusive Devlog Updates
Tier III – Investor

Best Value!

  • Highest In-Game Marketplace kickback
  • Bronze Pool Earning
  • Silver Pool Earnings
  • Gold Pool Earnings
  • Lifetime Access to the Land
  • Early Access to the Game
  • VIP Discord Chat
  • Patreon In-Game Gifts
  • Founder In-Game Gifts
  • Exclusive Devlog Updates
  • Twitch Gift Packs for your Community
  • Sponsor Banner in Game Credits
  • Investor Chats

How can you purchase SoE tokens?

  1. The most comfortable for this will be the Metapro Wallet available for IOS and Android or Metamask.  In the case of Metamask, the BNB Smart Chain should be added.

  2.  Tokens need to be purchased for Busd via the BNB network so there must be a small amount of bnb needed on the wallet to cover the transfer (fee is the cost of a few cents).
  1. After charging the wallet you need to link it to this page

  2. You need to select the token, the amount, confirm the choice on the site, confirm the wallet transactions and you are done.
After purchasing tokens, funds can be locked up for the longest 3 weeks until the end of the emission or until sold out.

As with all investments, potential NFT buyers should become familiar with the risks. Investing in NFTs can result in financial loss. The value of NFTs is highly volatile and the market is new and not fully understood, research and understand the NFT before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results.