Shelter of Exiles is a free-to-play, multiplayer adventure game set in the enchanting fantasy world of warriors, magic, and unearthly monsters. In the quest for wealth and power, the players can take part in mind-boggling missions, fight against each other, or become landlords and influence the entire community.

Through the integration of blockchain and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, the game will also offer players a broad range of opportunities to earn tokens, create NFTs and trade them as a part of a virtual economy, receiving real monetary rewards for time invested playing in the game.

Yes, Shelter of Exiles is free to play as you don’t need any wallet funds to join the game. Players who make purchases in the store or from other players can level up their character faster and jump into the endgame phase. However, we do our best to ensure that players investing their time are equally fairly rewarded. Most importantly, many of the game items and achievements must be obtained in game or purchased second-hand from other players, ensuring cooperation between players investing money and investing their time.

In November 2022 starts the sale of NFTs to finance further development of the game. The prototype of the game should be available in Q3 of 2023.

SOE will be available on PC, IOS, and Android.

SOE is a perfect hybrid of both of these modes. The typical PvE player does not need to take part in arena fights to concentrate on single-player missions and exploration of the ravishing world of the game. On the other hand, more competitive PvP players, after reaching a certain point can develop their characters solely through arena modes. Thanks to that they can earn needed money to pay off PvE players to get better equipment.

Land Ownership

All the players are more than invited to buy a piece of virtual land in the world of Shelter of Exiles. It gives the opportunity to mine items and materials that can later be sold on the open market or rent the premises to other players and earn real money.

Landowner contracts will be issued during the production of the game. Ownership of land will provide the owner with a share of the profits from the game from the rental of land and trade in raw materials extracted from the land.

The profit distribution will be distributed among investors depending on the rank and amount of land purchased. Thanks to this, you will be able to become a colonizer who with his investment helped players to come to a new continent and you will profit from it.

Players can rent a land for a relatively small price as we want to be accessible to all types of players. In addition, the resources obtained from the lands can be sold to players, which allows them to recover the money spent on renting. Likewise, players can sell in-game items and use the profits to rent land.

Yes, our market ensures full security in land trading. Original piece of land is being bought from developers and then can circulate among the community of players. Everybody can decide whether to buy land from developers (if it is still available) or from another player.

The cost of purchasing land (game shares) increases with each successive wave of issuance, so it is best to check current prices on the official sales website – www.metapromarket.com

No, the amount of land in the new continent is large, but limited. Over time, the next pieces of land will become more expensive, so we recommend that you buy them now!

  1. The most comfortable for this will be the Metapro Wallet available for IOS and Android or Metamask. In the case of Metamask, the BNB Smart Chain should be added.
  2. Tokens need to be purchased for Busd via the BNB network so there must be a small amount of bnb needed on the wallet to cover the transfer (fee is the cost of a few cents) .
  3. After charging the wallet you need to link it to this page www.metapromarket.com
  4. You need to select the token, the amount, confirm the choice on the site, confirm the wallet transactions and you are done.

Blockchain and currency

Play to Earn is the game’s pay model, which allows all players to own goods and sell or buy them freely with real money. This means that all items in Shelter of Exiles have a monetary value, and the player has the opportunity to profit from their sale.

Blockchain is a registry of decentralized data for secure use. Using cloud-based blockchain services, transaction data from multiple sources can be easily collected, integrated and shared. Data is divided into shared blocks, linked to unique identifiers in the form of cryptographic hashes.

Blockchain ensures the integrity of data with a single source of truth, eliminating duplicate data and increasing security.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital unit encrypted with Blockchain technology, which is nothing more than a key to the assets it holds. In Shelter of Exiles, some of the items in the game are NFT assets, so they are owned by players and investors securing their monetary achievements and character progress.

Purchased items in blockchain technology are unique and are only your property. Only you have access to it and can decide on its potential sale. In the case of land, you also gain the possibility of monthly profit after the release of the game.

Character development

In the first version of the game, there will be three development paths available: the path of the Warrior, Magician, and Hunter. Each one of them allows choosing two character classes.

That means that you can become a Swordsman (that is characterized by the balance of strength and defense), a Destroyer (true berserker of combat), a Sorcerer (specialist of powerful magical attacks), a Priestess (mage who mainly regenerates life points for himself and allies), an Archer (clever and accurate warrior, whose arrows pierce the enemy from the distance), or an Assasin (who is lurking in the shadows and has an increased chance for critical damage).

In the first big actualization of the game, we also plan to add the path of the Guardian (that has Leader and Defender classes within it) which is characterized by a substantial utility for team battles.

Yes, we plan to develop the game and make sure that each player archetype finds its niche with us. For this reason, we started out with the Classic Hero Classes and plan to introduce specialized characters in the future.

Ability crystals contain the power of ancient heroes, and it is thanks to them that the characters in SOE are able to use their magical abilities. You can gain them only in dungeons and boss raids. These artifacts are very rare that’s why there is a big demand for them.

Acquiring ability crystals is a quick and comparably simple way to get rich for F2P players who just have started their adventure with Shelter of Exiles.

Yes. Although the development path of the character is permanently assigned to the player, it’s possible to change the character class within this path. For example from Swordsman to Destroyer.

Shelter of Exiles is a story about a group of exiles who leave their homeland full of persecution to find their place on earth. During a storm, they come across an uncharted, wild land that appears to be a magnificent forested landscape. But, deep in the darkness of the new continent, dwells an evil seeping out of the wrathful heart of a dark prince who will not rest until he finds the coveted “crown of kings”. It is your mission to gather a team of powerful heroes and stop the prince’s lust for destruction. But remember, he’s not the only one who lurks for your head in this volatile world full of magic and brutality. 

Arise, mortals! Do not hide in… the Shelter of Exiles!